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Spray Dried Coffee
Spray dried coffee is essentially instant coffee in smooth powder form. One of the most cost-efficient way to produce instant coffee, the flavour of the coffee beans are extracted and sprayed dry into powder form. It has a shorter drying time, allowing a larger yield.

Types of Spray Dried Coffee We Provide:
  • Spray Dried Pure Coffee Powder – Coffee spray dried into 100% coffee powder, without any additional additives.
  • Spray Dried 100% Arabica Blend – Exclusively selected coffee blend consisting only of 100% Arabica coffee beans from around the world, spray dried into powder form, for a balanced cup of coffee, with smooth taste and texture.
  • Spray Dried 100% Robusta Blend – Sourced from 100% Robusta coffee beans only, the Robusta blend has a stronger coffee flavour and less sugar, compared to Arabica blend.
  • Spray Dried Mixed with Robusta/Arabica Blend – For the best of both, Robusta and Arabica coffee beans are combined, producing instant coffee with just the right amount of flavour and caffeine.
  • Spray Dried with Microground Coffee Blend – Our spray dried microground coffee blend produces flavours closely similar to a roast and ground experience, with better aroma, mouthfeel and flavour.
  • Spray Dried Coffee with High Caffeine – Our spray dried coffee with high caffeine contains a larger dose of caffeine for customers who need more stimulant than regular coffee.
  • Spray Dried Coffee with Low Acid – The spray dried coffee with low acid is specially formulated to help customers enjoy coffee, without stomach irritation.
  • Spray Dried Agglomeration Coffee – Agglomerated coffee is further processed spray dried coffee powder, available in different fineness and flavouring profiles. It is also regarded as higher quality instant coffee.
Customised spray dried instant coffee, using Flavourtech from Australia, is also available

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Spray-dried Powder

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