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Freeze Dried Coffee
Often regarded as the best quality of instant coffee, freeze dried coffee uses higher-quality coffee beans with gentle processing method at low temperature, to preserve the quality of the coffee’s aroma and flavour. Freeze-dried coffee also has a more solid texture.

Types of Freeze Dried Coffee We Provide:
  • Freeze Dried 100% Arabica Blend – Exclusively selected from 100% Arabica coffee beans from around the world, the freeze dried 100% Arabica blend produces a balanced cup with smooth taste and texture.
  • Freeze Dried 100% Robusta Blend – Sourced from Robusta coffee beans only, the freeze dried 100% Robusta blend has a stronger coffee flavour and less sugar, compared to Arabica blend.
  • Freeze Dried with Microground Coffee – Our freeze dried with microground coffee are coffee beans processed to its finest, producing coffee that closely resembles a cup of roast and ground coffee.
  • Freeze Dried Cold Brew Coffee – We also produce freeze dried cold brew coffee, which is a unique process of preparing coffee for a less acidic and bitter flavour.
  • Freeze Dried Decaffeinated Coffee – Exclusively produced for customers who enjoy the taste of coffee, but cannot or prefer not to take caffeine.

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Freeze Dried

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